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Speaking Practice #6

Another speech to text from Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson book

70%, maybe..:


as with the other paintings he did in veracy course shop during the 1470s, Leonardo use thin layer of oil gently blended and blurred, sometimes with his fingers, to create Smoky shadows and avoid sharp lines or abrupt transitions. if you stand close enough to the painting at the national gallery in washington, dc, you can see his fingerprints just to the right of Jenna Frost show, where her ringlets of hair blur into background Jupiter 3 and distinct little spiky Spike just out. another can be found just behind her right shoulder.

the most arresting feature of the portrait of Virginia fries eyes. the leads are studiously modeled to a appear three dimensional, but this also makes them feel heavy, heading to her somebody near. her gaze looks distracted and indifferent, as if she's looking through us and see nothing. her right I seems to wonder to the distance. and looking down and to her left. but the more you still at each I separately, the more each seems to focus back on you.

also noticeable when starting at her eyes is the shiny liquid quality that you don't know was able to achieve with his oils. just to the right of each hotel is a tiny spot of luster, showing the sparkling lens from the sunlight coming from the front left. the same use of Lester can be seen on her curls.

this perfect line of luster the white sparkle caused by a light hitting a smooth and shiny surface was another of Leonardo's signature marks. it is a phenomenon we see everyday but do not often contemplate closely. unlike reflected light, which part takes off the color of the object, Leonardo road is part of luster it's always why, and it moves when the viewers moves. look at the list throws glimmer of the cause of Jennifer DaVinci, the imagine walking around her. as Leonardo New those parts of Lester was shift and appear in many different places on the surface as different positions are taken by the eye.

after you interact with Jennifer debainty long enough what at first seem like if I can't face and this transstar begin to appears a fuse with the house thing of emotion. she seems specific and ruminating, perhaps about her marriage of the departures of bimbo or because of some deeper mystery. her life was sad; she was sickly and remain childless. but they also had an inner intensity. she wrote poetry, one line of which survives Colin I asked your forgiveness; I am a mountain tiger

in painting hardly Leonardo created a psychological portrait, one death renders hit an emotions. that would become one of his most important artistic innovations. it said him on trajectory that would culminate three decades later in the greatest particular vehicle portrait in history, demona Lisa the tiny hint of a smile that is visible on the right side of Jennifer's lips will be refined into the most memorable smile ever painted. the water flowing from the distance landscape that seems to connect the soul of Jennifer would become, in the Mona lisa, do you the ultimate metaphor of the connection between earthly and human forces. Jennifer DaVinci is not the Mona Lisa not even close but it recognize me the work of the man who would paint it.

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