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Speaking Practice #7

Another attempt of Speech to Text by reading Leonardo Da Vinci biography by Walter Isaacson.
still not happy with the result, especially when I pronounce the name. The engine is always find English words instead of writing name, especially Latin name was very difficult.

Anyway, from the book that I know Leonardo and some other renaissance famous artist were gay.

here the result:

Saint Sebastian

around the time of the salter valley allegations, Leonardo was working on the functional portrait of Saint Sebastian, the third century martyr who was tied to a tree, shot with arrows, and later love to death during the Roman emperor vacation of Christians.

according to a list of positions that Leonardo compiled, he drew it studies for the work, which he apparently never painted.

the image of Sebastian was considered a protection against the plague, but he was also portrayed with homoerotic undertones by some 15th century Italian artist. whether you wrote that a Saint Sebastian portrait was bartolomew bend Indiana Lee was so erratically charged that parishioners admitted in the confessional that beautiful nude prompted and clean pot thought.

the surviving Leonardo drawings of Sebastian fall into the category of being beautiful and somewhat charged. the boyish looking Saint is depicted nude with a hand tied behind him to a tree, his face filled with emotion. in one of the drawings, now in hamburg, you can see how Leonardo wrestler with the movements and contortions and no twist of Sebastian's body, sketching his feet in different positions.

miraculously, one of his missing Saint Sebastian drawings turned up at the end of 2016, when a retired French Dr Brown some old artworks that had been collected by his father to an ocean house for appraisal. today Friday, a director at the auction house, spotted one as a possible leonardo, and attribution that was confirmed by Carmen bambach, a Creator at New York's metropolitan museum of art. my eyes jumped out of their sockets Bamba said. the attribution is quite in contestable. my heart will always pound when I think about the drawing. the newly discovered drawing shows Sebastian's torso and chest model by Leonard Rose left-handed hatching, but as in the Hamburg version he was still trying different but the options for the placement of the saint leg and feet. it has so many changes of ideas, so much energy in the way he explores the vehicle, said. it has a furious spontaneity. it's like glancing over his shoulder. in addition to showing us Leonardo energically exploring ideas on paper this girlfriend signifies that even today there are things about Leonardo that we can find in you.

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