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Tiktok is Game Changer

Just realize, that Tiktok is really cool. The most advance platform by now.
You can imagine, Instagram + Facebook + Youtube + Amazon combined at once, and the killer features still there + improved bad feature from those platforms. Here some example:

Feature from Instagram stole by Tiktok

If you looking for content creator to endorse your product in Instagram, it is exhausting, you have to search it one by one, with no clear KPI and no clear head-to-head comparison between them. Now by Tiktok, it just become a marketplace of content creator! The listing is so rich, so transparent. You can key metrics of every content creator that may possible to endorse your products!

The worst feature from Instagram, for me was they don't allow the statistic of our post to be downloaded! It is so bad, I can't analyze my data in further and sophisticated way, here in Tiktok all available to download with more advance metrics! wow!

Feature from Facebook stole by Tiktok

In Facebook, you can go LIVE and receive stickers or support money donation from the viewers, TIktok adopt this kind of thing but with portrait LIVE format. Now it become better, because it more handy to user or the content creator.

Feature from Youtube stole by Tiktok

On Youtube, you have to reach 1k subscribers and 4k watch hour before you can monetize your channel, moreover even if you eligible to monetize your channel, you will get really small amount of money at the first. Upside down with TIktok! You can monetize your account since the beginning! For example you can go LIVE and receive stickers from viewers then withdraw it as money! no matter how many your followers, magic!

Feature from Amazon stole by Tiktok

Obviously, you do checkout  in Tiktok, just like Amazon.

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