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Speaking Practice #5

Now I'm using speech to text on Google Translate browser version, the result is really bad.

I read article regarding recession on 2023, then record it on speec-to-text, here the result:

when I said "colon" for the symbol, it came Colin (name)

when I said, "period" not for the symbol, it returns the symbols.

ha ha.

So the conclusion is, speech to text on Android keyboard is much better than Google Translate


more than a third of global economy will contract in 2023, as the three largest economies Dash the US, VA you call Ma and China Dash will continue to spoil international monetary fund's in Elijah's valve global economy development stays international monetary fund IMF has predicted a Topps 2023 SP it cut coronavirus prediction on forecasts economic contraction in a third of work the worst is yet to come for the global financial institution World economic Outlook report said it had it a downward revision of the global growth rate for 2023 from the amount of the Arab state it expected in July had been made in the report 7% growth is expected next year is down from the 6% experienced it last year and 3.2 growth forecasts for this year 20 1 excluding the acute case of covid-19 pandemic and Global financial crisis the imf's site it reflects significant slowdown for the largest economies as America's gross domestic product or GDP contracted in the first half of 2022, followed by the Euro area's Construction in the second half of 2022 and pro launch covid-19 outbreaks and lockdowns in China with a growing property sector prices the world is in a volatile. Economic you up with geopolitical and ecological change out impact the global Outlook the report says a warning to the UK following the Minnie project Market turmoil this world economic Outlook report was completed prior to the cansler mini buy the Norseman so does not reflect the ensuing Market activity nevertheless I am a chief Economist Pierre Oliver Warren cast told reporters that the government should ensure its tax and spending plans are in line with the bank of England's is Russian writing Remick fiscal policy should be aligned with monetary policy he said when asked about Britain's economic situation in the turmoil in the Supply Central bank's policy and if you have at the same time fizzle out of it is that try to stimulate aggregate demand it's like having a car with two people in the front each trying to steal the car in a different direction that's not going to work very well the future of the global economy relies on the successful collaboration of monetary policy because of the war in Ukraine and possibility of Fuller of an immigration supply-side disruption for example China invention could also continue to worsen as more energy and food price shock cause a process for longer about a third of the economy faces to go take active quarters of negative growth forecast

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