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Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots

Very well-known famous words came from Steve Jobs at Stanford graduate commencement several years ago. Few days ago, I listened the real clip when Steve Jobs did the speech. wow!

Now I understand.

Previously, I just known that connecting the dots is how to connect our potential into something great. Not only potential on ourselves, but also our connections, resources, and such a thing.

But, after watch the real footage from Steve Jobs, I realized there is one thing to complete my understanding on this Connecting The Dots. Steve said, that connecting the dots really easy if we looking backward, but if we looking forward it will never be easy. So preparing ourselves to find another connection is the best thing we can do.


In real life, often I see that people talk like easy. Motivating people to improve the productivity, businesses, etc. They just talk, and connecting the dots from the future, talk is easy, converting it to reality is another thing, and maybe the hardest thing of all..

so what do you thing?

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