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No Body Said It Was Easy

No Body Said It Was Easy

I don't really remember, from what song that lyric came from. Cold Play maybe? Song title? Radio Head? Not sure, really. Why not Googling, I could, but it doesn't matter.

Since I chose to be an entrepreneur in 2016, I knew it will not be easy for me. I knew it is hard way to be a human being as entrepreneur. I knew along the way there are many of difficult obstacle.

Last night, my mentor, Bapak Agus Jodi told me his thought, that because he is an employee from ITB (lecturer), his life everyday are so static, doing same thing everyday. He said, reflected to me, entrepreneurs, my life so dynamics. yes it totally true!

For about 6 years I live as full-time entrepreneur, here some really difficult problems that I faced, and potentially recuring in the future:
- compromise with toxic employee
- getting lost on finance, and getting worst for several months
- employees always done wrong, even if I had told them the correct ways

Conclude, I think the most complex thing as an entrepreneur was managing people. So I think, the bigger your team, bigger your problems. Not the revenue, even if you have multi billion dollars revenue but with small people (let say 5 people), it is not so complex. For me, leading 25 people with small amount of revenue, was very very difficult to solved.

But! I enjoy my life. I love my job as a leader. I love my job as an entrepreneur.

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