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Careful of Hot Cream / Gel

In the past 2 weeks, I got my wrist sprained. Play futsal as a goalie, then tried to block really powerful shot, make my left-wrist so painful and sprained. On that day, for instance, I thought it won't be last for 2-3 days, but, never thought before, that this pain is last for 2 weeks, and still carry.. Subhanallah.

I have strange story trough this pain. To reduce the pain, I am using some cream that really hot. It is not pain killer or analgesic, just a cream with hot effect to the our skin. Even the name is, Hot in Cream. do you get it? ha ha

hot cream for ankle and wrist sprain
hot cream for ankle and wrist sprain

This cream is really hot. When I rubbed my skin with this cream, at the first it felt cold for 15 minutes, since then the hot effect would felt for 2-3 hours. The thing is, obviously I use my right hand and fingers to rubbing the sprain, together with the suspect, my right hand also felt so hot. Thus, when I use my right hand for my "human" activity, the hot spread! Spread to my eyes, spread to my stomach when I got itchy, and (sorry) spread to my penis when I got pee. It really not comfortable at all.

For several times, I thought what if I use tissue instead of my right hands to do rubbing? Yes, I've done that. Still, I need some soft massage to my sprain, that can't be done with the tissue, even if I press the tissue.

Never tried before is using some medical glove that made from tiny rubber. Is it expensive? don't know

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