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Meeting is Exhausting

I am wondering if you feel like I felt.. I felt that meeting someone, or meeting people make me exhausted. So tired. Sometimes made me sleepy, then I intentionally take quick nap, but it came as long nap.. Made me feel bad, because another task of me will be postponed.

I did analyze this thing already happened to me for 2 years I think, I presume it because I don't scheduled my time to meet someone or meet people. I do love do technical jobs like compiling data, make graphics, make a system and so on. This kind of task doesn't need to meet someone, except if I need some data from my peers or my inferior.

As a leader of small companies, is it common happen like this? If I delegate my job to employees, I don't have employee that have such a skill set. If I hire some experts, I don't have the budget. It is kind a dilemmatic circumstances.

Beside my job task, I have personal task that take times. Such as writing this blog in order to improve my TOEFL score, daily book reading, take my son to the school, and many more. Those kind of things really consume my time.

So far, I conclude that I am still unable to manage the efficiency of my time.

If I imagining my business become bigger and bigger, meeting people is un-avoid-able to do.

What do you think?

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