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English Speaking Exercise Trough Speech to Text

This post is in order to practicing my speaking in English so I creating this boss using speech to text application on Android

this practice is I am read my book loudly, and activate the speech to text feature then post it on my block.

after that I will track the result of my speech to text is it same with the book or not if it's if is it same with the book it means that I am fluently enough in English if not I have some areas that to improve.

so let's get it done after this text, Google return my read to the book


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text below haven't corrected yet..

as long as they did what they were told the artisan were treated relatively well they're overloads gave them all the resources they needed for their art but the Velvet and cough Craftsman risk life and limbs if they divulge their secrets of try to escape venice's secret police will be dispatched to hunt them down to the end of the art

for three centuries the installation plan work the trap will I know artist Broward bountiful glory and riches to Venice but as the various and Roman empire went so went the vanity and Monopoly of class knowledge of less blowing spread despite the watery boundaries and operation rules and force by infinity and government many of the workers successfully accepted Belgium France and England are those were targeted and you're away from the island by covertus for rain potentiis

in the mid 1600 banking Louie XIV was an insatiable customer of urano class he had purchased thousands of pounds of world of Renault vanity and mirrors and wanted more more the Sun King stop minister of industry and arts jeans Baptist Church hatchet a blood to ring rhino glass to France any furious jump shop merchant working for the friends embassy in Venice infiltrated the island and square together 3:30 we're on a glass workers one of a priest they all accepted a large bribes and text exception promises to set up shop in Paris the French for that away nearly two dozen of Murano senior master mirror makers their Union man for men who makers and metal polishers abroad agents to work for Culver's Royal company of glass and mirrors and they took all of their country straight secrets along with them

in 1984 after a Colbert and his operatives get her enough intelligence from Murano glassmakers to continue middle production of their own King Louie XIV introduce the word to the respiration Hall of mirrors at the Palace of Versailles the down of Louis XIV age of opulent signal the end of the venices stronghold and luxury glass however on the news cycle of government command and control will soon comments and give the European

this too much use and tyrannical bankruptcy the stage of radical technological revolution that would ever change the way the world made and used glass to the ancient bench recipe of silica alkali and lime the American Mavericks of glass world at the freedom enhancing ingredients of capitalism and foreseeable and sellable patterns automation and production and mass production

but first they had to get the busiest King George III and the red cards of their bags

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