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Speech to Text Blog Post

this blog post I tried to using the speech to text from Android I'm writing it on Google keep.

so at the first time I told that the speech to text me not to be sophisticated, but it seems looks good because the accuracy of my speech to text is all about 80% Plus

previously I tried the speech to text using Indonesian language the result was not really sophisticated that the accuracy is about 60% I think I don't really remember about that but actually they speech to text supposed to be more accurate in time by time.

this is technology bro, you have to try it sometimes in your life so the library of this technology will be improve based on our data.

I don't know how many words already on this blog post, actually I don't really anticipate that this blog boss must be at least 300 words because out there people say that for SEO propose the blog post or any website content should be greater than 300 words

for me I don't really believe that you had the words is the threshold for I see all propose because some of my blog posts with just only a few 100 or less than 300 is has good views from Google search.

that's my best practice maybe you're facing another experience please put on the comment below.

but so far so good this blog post using speech to text I will try it next time with the specific topic or maybe I've tried to documentation my beautiful improvisation through the speech to text and post it on my blog

thank you for reading please put your suggestion or your thought on the comment below

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