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TOEFL IBT Writing Answering Practice #9

A large advertising company is looking for a new location for one of their billboards. They have identified an ideal position, which is clearly visible from a highly frequented central area of town. It happens to be on the side of one of the city’s high-school buildings.

Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.


Yes, it is absolutely a good idea. The statement wrote, the position is clearly visible to area of town.. then it beside of school.. It means, it doesn't visible to students, teacher, or people inside the school. So there are no issues at all with the school people with the billboards.

Even if the advertising company put the commercial billboards on the school building, supposed to be it doesn't disturb educational process of the school. Such a thing is not related at all.

The thing is, what kind of product that the company want to expose? Of course, at least the product to promote is not product that against educational process, such as gambling products, alcohol derivatives, gunfire store, etc. Those kind of product must be regulated by government where to place it or promote it, so we no need to worry, of course the government already think about related to the school building.

So.. I think, no problem if an advertising company want to placing their billboards beside school building, but with some notes regarding the context of the products to promote.

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