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TOEFL IBT Reading Section is So Difficult!

Last night, I took a practice test for my Reading TOEFL iBT. So sad, I got worst score than previous practice. I only got 62% of score, instead of 85% on the preview test..

For me, reading is the most difficult type of test in TOEFL IBT. why?

1. Really, need to focus
For me, with 2 sons, and running 25 employees small business, having dedicated silent time for at least 120 hours is so difficult, except on the late night.

If I'm doing my practice on daytime, so many distraction. Then if I'm doin it on the late night (midnight sometimes), it cost me a lot of energy to focus, tired were the main factors.

So, leak of focus is my stumble to improve my reading score so far.

2. Passage is not interesting & difficult vocabulary
Since TOEFL is specified for people who want to study (academic) in US, so obviously the passage on reading TOEFL should be regarding academic topics. This terms reminded all the time by all the TOEFL Youtubers, you have to familiar with the academic topic!

The thing is, sometimes I have to read biology / geology academic topic! not interesting for me at all.. Even if, maybe I know a little about the theory, still, I cant get stick to it easily.

Furthermore, there were a lot of unknown vocabulary for me. It is really difficult to fully understand the passage if I got "missing" vocabulary.

So.. this is my opinion, regarding TOEFL IBT Reading section, what about you?

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