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TOEFL IBT Writing Answering Practice #14

Some people prefer living in the countryside while others disagree and prefer to live in modern areas of the city. 

Which option do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. 


For me, who have 2 little sons and 95% of my work is able to work remotely, obviously I do prefer living on countryside.

Relatively stress-free is my main reason why choosing countryside living as preferable. Living in countryside we can more socialized with our neighbor, of course it will make us happier. With no traffic jam, means no stress, and no wasting time. Then, countryside is cheap! Living cost on countryside supposed to be cheaper than in modern area, the food is cheaper, the school is cheaper, and the minimum wage of people of course cheaper also.

Can you imagine, if I work with "metropolis-wage" then living as cheap as countryside fashion? really beneficial for me.

So for me, I do much prefer living in countryside. But maybe if my sons coming to the school age, I will re-consider this thought.

what about you?

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