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Instagram or Tiktok?

As we now, Tiktok now become really trending in our digital-life. Almost every viral news or things are come from Tiktok platform, is Tiktok already beat Instagram?

Actual data, I don't know..

But the thing is, social media market is zero sum game. Our population is grow, but not as fast as content-consuming growth.

Instagram punched really hard by Tiktok is un-deniable. Instagram or Facebook market share is distrupted really big by Tiktok, this was the fact that still goes on until now. Good job for Tiktok, really sorry for Meta.

For me, my self, I am not open Instagram intensely nor Tiktok. But in the last 2 weeks, I open Tiktok very intense, it because I am doing research for my shop, that to try to catch Tiktok market. The market of Tiktok and the purchasing power of it, is real thing.

Previously, I thought, that Tiktok users aren't have good purchasing power, as per I know, their audience is teenager or adolescent 12 ~ 18 years old, which are in my country those of age aren't have self income yet. They depends on their parents. But now, I think even if the teenagers don't have their own money, but their parents do. On this after-pandemic era, which the economy is larger than ever, their parents have extra money for their kids. Thus, it lifted purchasing power of the teenager.

This is my thought, what do you think? which do you prefer? Instagram or Tiktok?

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