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Live Sale Era

Now it is a day that (digital) Social Media become a marketplace. People call it Marketing 5.0. The brand, instead of rent high fancy banner beside high-way, now they choose to hire a man who has millions followers on Social Media.

More than that! now Social Media become live interaction, or live streaming platform. Live communication to friends or families trough Social media is so obvious today, so does online shopping. Brands offering their product trough Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, not only posting their photos, but also they do LIVE Streaming on the platform.

The fact, this kind of live streaming or live sale --we call it, it attracts many people. People who don't have any interest of specified of product, can change their mind then buy the product after seeing live sale of the brand.

Through this live sale, it was the closest experience compare to offline store visiting, for now. We can see the real dimension of the product, we could imagine using the products, etc.

Now this the Live Sale era. Online shopping experience become more realistic than ever.

Have you ever shop trough Tiktok Live?

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