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BCA Bank Token Pin Failure


This morning, I've got really unexpected  fail event. When I entered to my house-office, I found my bank key-token at the position of FAIL! which means, someone tried to access my key-token, but fail 3 times.

Key Token BCA fail 3 times
Key Token BCA fail 3 times

Immediately, I scream and lost my temper.. Because of this, I have to go to the bank office to request the new one. Obviously it will take time, at least 2-3 hours. My plan today ruin...

Of course I know, this tragedy is done by my 2nd son. I know his character, always crawling anything then try to push everything. My key-token is placed inside the pocket of my vest! it was amazing that he founded it, then do his stuffs..

It was non-sense, If I give my anger to my son.. He still 3.5 y.o.. After all, I really love him.. Impossible for me to blame others, even the real subject it self.

What happened is happen, I have to carry on. I will stop writing this, do some daily stuffs, then go the bank.

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