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TOEFL IBT Writing Answering Practice #12

Question 8: Some people prefer reading news and magazine content online. Other people prefer to read the news in print. 

Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice. 


Actually, I don't ready news or magazine, intentionally. I think, very important news or information would be come to me by it self trough my family, my friends, or my social media. I do read books, a lot.

But, to answering that question. If I have to my preference media to read news and magazine, definitely I would much prefer do in online.

I love to keep my office or room is tidy up, even if for my books, I don't like it to be placed on shelves. Hence, I put it on the box on my warehouse. So do the magazine and newspaper, if I own kind of those physically, it will increase my space for boxes. So I don't like it.

If I own the newspaper or magazine digitally, basically I'm now own the things because it is online, absolutely I will feel more roomy. I do agree, the experience to read in print is much better than digital. But compare by the cost of my tidying policy, I will sacrifice my reading experience.

The fact, technology now try to catch up the print reading experience. For example Kindle device, I have one. I could say, my reading experience on Kindle is about 60% if I read in-print. Perhaps, we are several years away to full replacing printed reading material. 

So, absolutely, reading news and magazine online are better than reading the printed, at least for me.

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