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Just Write in English

To be honest, now I am running out of time to do my daily job. I haven't found the topic for this blog. Since I declare to write in English on this blog, in order to improve my TOEFL Score, so writing this blog is not as easy as before.

I have to write it in English! even if I found the topic that I want to write, it just step number 1. The next step is I have to think the grammar, vocabulary, and anything to write it in English.

For example this post, I push my finger and my thought to just write English blog, no need to specify any topic. So I just write it in English. Is it good? don't know..

For sure, I don't know either why you ready this post. Me, my self, rarely read my own post on this blog. Except for the Book Review content, because that content is my documentation for the books that I read.

Should I push this post to exceeds 300 characters? I think I shouldn't.

I haven't check whether this post already 300 characters or not.

Wo what do you think? put your thoughts on the comment below.

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