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officially 1000 posts!

1 blog post / day
1 blog post / day

By this post, this blog achieve 1000 posts!.. Actually it is common achievement I think, but for me it is really special! It has been about 3 years I wrote 1 blog post per day. Trust me, it was not easy task. Wake up every morning and think what to write, if I got the idea, I grabbed the laptop and start writing. BUT, most of time, the idea was not just coming trough.. Often, the idea came just before lunch time, it really stressful. My job is not only write this blog, many of other things.

Moreover, this blog doesn't gave me good money. Yes this blog is monetized already, perhaps you will see some ads on this blog, but it was really a penny.. This blog never gave $1/day, it was always below that. Maybe around $0.15 ~ $.30 / day. Confirm, this blog is not what I am doing for living.

So why I am still writing this blog?

It sharpen my creativity, a lot! really a lot.. Like it written above, it wasn't easy to get idea of blog post. When you push hard to think of an idea (any), that creativity is play the role. The more you train your creativity, your creativity bar will raise up time by time.

How good the impact of this creativity improvement?

I am an owner of small business in Indonesia. For small businesses, most of the time the owners are the main brain and thinker. All the solution come from the owner.

Just like finding a blog post idea, solution for ANY kind of problem also difficult to think on daily basis. I felt my problem solving skill is really much helped by the improvement of my creativity. 


I will continue to write this blog, 1 blog post / day. 

To be note, even if I planned to write 1 blog post / day, it wasn't smooth. So many time I failed to write any post on a day, because of sick or any availability issue. 

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