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Appeal Rejected: Youtube Harassment, Threats and Cyberbullying Policy

📣 YouTube removed your content email example
📣 YouTube removed your content email example

I've received about 10 violation of policy on Youtube. But recently, I received 2 violations but not applied strikes to my channel, thanks god, gratefully. Before that, all of those are cost me strikes, that really painful and make me so nervous.

Why those 2 didn't cause strikes?
AS you know, Youtube will not provide detail reason on you videos which seconds or minutes that violate the policy. But here are I try to analyze them..

first video is about tutorial of booking an hotel from Agoda (travel agent apps)
the second video is about how to start selling on Bukalapak (Indonesia Marketplace, such as Amazon on US)

I am really sure, all the content inside those video is not harass to someone, not bullying to anybody. But... I suspect something is not break the policy, but Youtube doesn't like if some kind of this particular content is showing up on their platform, are:

first video showing payment code and address of the host. 
second video, showing Identity Card of the host which was also showing the address.

So, I assume, if you showing some address on your video, especially for personal address, it break the rules of Youtube. Youtube doesn't like it, but Youtube knew that this the content creator own risk, so they will not apply any strikes to that any kind of video.

then.. those two videos violation case is offered an appeal. You can submit an appeal if you facing this kind of violation, bot for me none of them were approved.

So takeaways from you, if you got "love letter" violation policy on Youtube but not cause the strike, no need to worry, keep relax, and keep making your content. But you must be careful on, avoid address or payment detail or IC shown on your videos.

Moreover, you should avoid showing phone numbers on your videos, especially someone else numbers. This one confirm will applying strikes to your channel, so as per that time I am avoiding creating content tutorial of Whatsapp, because obviously it will showing other person phone numbers.

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