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Good Profile Picture for Social Media

Ghani Rozaqi Profile Picture
Ghani Rozaqi Profile Picture

I have been using that picture for my social media profile or avatar for about 2 years. Actually there is no problem with it, nothing going wrong with that. but....

Past several months, at least I read 2 books that mentioned the profile picture for avatar must be a person face. Must be my face, instead of logo or any other graphic. I didn't believe it yet, until I've done mini research, to fine word-class CEOs, world-class athletes, most of them using their close-up face for the avatar.

Let's say, Cristiano Ronaldo, i think nobody doesn't recognize his face. But Cristiano upload photos of his family, which contain his face of course. Even if he's not using close-up picture, it doesn't make sense that Cristiano wants all his follower to know his face.

Zuckerberg itself, put his close-up face on his Instagram avatar. Don't you get it?

Based on that facts, I now realize that put close-up face on the social media avatar is considerably important, as simple as, because top-people did. If you want to go to the top, just follow them who already there, simple.

So... Now, after finished this post, I'm going to take my profile picture with my photographer. it must be perfect, isn't?

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