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Why Stanford?

It was final decision for me and family, I will try to take enrollment on US college. The main reason is I want to break the status quo of my self, exit the comfort zone.

My first choice of University is Stanford University, California..

Why Stanford?

I read many books about Silicon Valley startup saga

Steve Jobs biography, Elon Musk biography, Netflix Company Culture, Jack Welch - Winning, Who Says Elephant Can't Dance - GE, and so many more..

All of those are books that mentioned Silicon Valley, a lot! Of course, it because all the company (by now) has the HQ on Silicon valley. On those books, not only about the business is written, also about culture, people, climate (maybe) and so on.. It gives me blurry vivid about real Silicon Valley is.

That's why, I am really curious to take a "pinch" of my life to live there. Stanford is the best place to doing that.

I'm trying to start a start-up

I've been do full-time business for 7 years by now. I found some business that live until now, and so many not growing at all. All of those are conventional business, especially retail business.

I need quantum leap! I want the leap that start-up usually has. With my experience, I think is fair enough that I want to take another stage of my life, by being start-up company founder.

I need self branding

Stanford is the most suitable to leverage my self branding. As a business-person, as a small business founder, it is obvious for me to choose Stanford. Stanford is a pool of founders around the world.


So I wrote this on May 2022, my plan is start enrollment on Stanford on Q4 2023, if my admission is accepted. Insya Allah.

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