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1st Try TOEFL Practice Test by ETS

In order to my intention to start new life at US as a graduate students, I have to take TOEFL and GMAT test. Next admission of my dream campus is start in 3 months, it is short really.. My dream campus are MBA Stanford, MBA MIT, and MBA Harvard. Those are world top university regarding MBA graduates program.

Ok return to the TOEFL.

Last night, near mid-night, I tried to take the TOEFL preparation test from ETS, here is the link:

I thought it will be easy and fast, but then I finished the test in 2hours+. ha ha.

What I get, this preparation test is give fully same experience with the real test. So what I can summarize are:

  • TOEFL test is divide by 4 section. Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing
  • Reading has 3-4 passages and each passage has 4-6 question
  • Listening also the same
  • Speaking, is not true or false. It is about TOEFL want to know how you crystalize your idea into verbal communication in English. 
  • then Writing is about how you convert your opinion into paragraphs, usually regarding agree or disagree

That the eye-bird-view of TOEFL that I get form last night.

For me, the hardest one is the READING. Because, it's been a long time I read slowly word by words. Even if read a book, I just read it to get the context. Not the detail.

anyway, I have finished the practice test, and I got only 50% correct answer for Reading and Listening. Oh my god! Subhanallah.. I think I am smart, but I am not!

For the Speaking and Writing test, there are no correct answer of those. These kind of test are qualitative assessment, so need a person to give the score. Obviously, I cant check weather my answer is correct or not. But don't worry, it will showing you good answer from previous test.

Thats it! This post is my first English article, in terms to exercising my self to get the better TOEFL score.

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