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How Important Networking for Business Founder?

Obviously, it is really important. So many theory about that, my mentor gave me high recommendation to read Life is Contact Sport - Ken Kragen, even if I haven't read that book, but I trust my mentor, so I recommend it to you. That book is published on 1994, but when I did quick Googling about it, it still relevant for our time right now.

Here I share my experience regarding regarding networking that impact to my businesses.

You have to throw your naïve about find network is just for kindness as a person, is not! for a business-person, find networking is for opportunity, is should be give us benefit in the future. And it is mutual, so if you approaching your old friend to build a business networking, you have to show your friend that you have benefit to offer.

That's why, self branding is important. If you have, let say, billion dollar business, but people around your circle never known about that, you have no chance to build good business networking. So you have to announce your achievement of your business, at least on your own social media.

By people knowing who you really are, at least it is underlying opportunity for them, so they will open to you to build a networking. Like I wrote before, it should be mutual. You hope get benefit from your old friend, so do your friend. 

In my experience, the most important things to build good networking are:

- to learn from more experience people
- to benchmarking our business data
- to get more reliable suppliers or vendors

at least those 3 are the most benefit that I get after building networking for years.

But the problem is, how to make good business networking?

Schools / college friends is the most high probability to get good benefit of networking, that's what I got. That's why now I am pursuing Stanford MBA to leveraging my networking, then of course to leveraging my business in the future.

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