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Review Buku: The $100 Startup - Chris Guillebeau

Sejujurnya saya agak kecewa dengan buku ini, dikrain tentang startup beneran, aslinya tentang cara ngebangun microbisnis alias UMKM.

buku The $100 Startup - Chris Guillebeau

lah emang beda startup dan UMKM? ah ini macem2 jawabannya... tapi kalau versi saya.. yang jelas, orang yang buka kedai kopi jelas ini bukan startup.. Bikin jasa wisata kecil, jelas bukan startup.. ini menurut saya.

Jadi intinya buku ini menceritakan "true story" dari orang orang yang menjalankan bisnis kecil, sebagian besar 0~5 karyawan. Mungkin bisa dibilang ini sih buku motivasi untuk bisnis, jadinya gak cocok untuk yang udah biasa jalanin bisnis kaya saya.

Makannya, menurut saya buku ini cocok nya untuk...
  • pegawai yang ada niatan untuk full-time bisnis
  • orang yang udah mulai bisnis < 1 tahun

ga banyak sih yang bisa saya bahas tentang konteks buku ini, jadi saya tulis aja langsung catatan pribadi saya dari buku ini

  • a feature is descriptive, a benefit is emotional.
  • Sometimes what people say they want and what they actually want are different things
  • Most of us like to buy, but we don't like to be sold.
  • Don't think innovation; thing usefulness
  • It's easier to sell to someone who knows they have a problem and are convinced they need a solution than it is to persuade someone that they have a problem that needs solving. ... removes pain may be more effective than realizing a desire...
  • make sure there is sufficient demand for your product or service before spending your whole life working on it.
  • imagine you do a marathon, in the middle someone gives you orange.. this is an offer that you can't refuse... a good offer has to be what people actually want and are willing to pay for
  • You must learn to think about value the way your customers do, not necessarily the way you would like them to.
  • Think about hustling first and paid advertising later (if at all)
  • You have to make sure that your recurring activities are as directly tied to making money as possible.
  • Spend as little money as possible and make as much money as you can
  • also, having high-end version creates an "anchor price"
  • Low-paying buyers are the worst
  • We have far more complaints from people who pay $10 and expect the world than from those who pay $1000
  • Create a service from a product-based business or create product from a service-based business
  • To get unfair advantage, provide remarkable service
  • choosing to keep it strong and trusting is more important than having the right clauses and legal language
  • If you have spend your time correcting problems caused by the team created to support you, the team hasn't really improved your life.

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