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English Pronunciation Accuracy Practice #6

  becoming an altar

 I'm not the first writer to care about power. as a culture, we are obsessed with power our own and everyone else's.  there are a lot of books and almost as many perspectives on how to get more power. but for me this approach this is the point.  the one clear implication of all my research and all my experience both personal and professional is that success impact and life satisfaction are not the result of how much power you can accumulate or even how powerful other things you are they are the result of what you are able to do for others with the power you already have.

 this truth is unspoken in the current discourse on Power and the result are evident in every realm of social life.  when we spend all of our time worrying about the power we don't have everything of power as a resource for personal consumption and self agreedism.  we Define the position of power as an n in itself.  we buy into the means that we all need more power to reach our goals in life and that's how much power we have to find more worth as human being . You accept that we should strive to attend the highest possible position whatever it takes and maintain the upper hand in every circumstance.  the traditional take on power teaches us that the keys to success is to attain more power Faster by whatever means necessary and that the person with more power wins.

 this assumption are not just wrong much of the time.  it is far worse than that.  the idea that we all need more power Place into hours two years about ourselves and heightens our most destructive instinct.  when power holders feel more powerless than they are when they are out of touch with the reality of their systems when they feel they have less power than they do they become self productive and incapable of generation.  we all know what it means to use power badly just take a look at the news head schooling world leaders corrupt politicians and score plus Cos sexually aggressive entertainment mobiles wealthy parents who she's going to give way to the College admission team the least goes on.  people who use the power they have to manage it on homeless feelings are bound straight from their responsibility.  this is what it means to use power badly

ChatGPT asessment:

Overall, I would rate your transcript at around 85 out of 100. You have captured the main ideas and concepts from the original text quite well, and your transcription is generally accurate. However, there are a few minor errors in punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure that could be improved. Here is a revised version of your transcript:

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