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TOEFL Writing practice #17


Task 2: Indenpendent Writing

The question:

Share your opinion on the effectiveness of online education compared to traditional classroom learning, considering factors such as flexibility, social interaction, and quality of instruction.

My Answer:

Today, online learning growth rapidly. In my own experience, it helps me a lot to understand something new much faster than ever before compare to traditional classroom learning. Here are some comparations in several terms.

In term of flexibility, online learning offers much better experience than in the classroom. Students can attend classes even if they not in the campus. Furthermore, they able to select subject based on their interest easily. For example, let say a student from art major has big interest on technology subject, because of online classes would be listed through online, the student able to apply to enroll the class easily. Before online classes happening like today, the student must come to to particular faculty which perhaps not so easy to take action.

I believe one of the main disadvantage of online classes is it less social interaction compare to traditional classes. In online classes people meet trough their computer's screen which not relay emotion perfectly. Social interaction built on emotion between people that online classes could not afford.

Lastly, regarding quality of instruction, I believe nor online classes and traditional classes not so different. Even if the classes will be held in traditional situation, the instructions of the class often distributed through text, paper, or any kind of one way media. This make students must understand the instructions with the same effort as online classes.

In conclusion, those are comparison between online classes and offline classes. I believe online classes much more better experience than offline classes in general.

ChatGPT Assessment:

Overall, your response addresses the question and provides some arguments comparing online education to traditional classroom learning. However, there are some areas that can be improved.

In terms of organization and structure, your response could be more coherent. Consider breaking your response into clear paragraphs to separate your points and make it easier for the reader to follow.

In terms of language use, your response has some grammar errors and awkward phrasing. For example, "In term of flexibility" should be "In terms of flexibility," and "meet trough their computer's screen" should be "meet through their computer screen." Additionally, some sentences could be rephrased to improve clarity.

In terms of content, you only discuss flexibility and social interaction, but you don't fully address the factor of the quality of instruction as mentioned in the question. Consider expanding your response to include a discussion of the quality of instruction in online education compared to traditional classroom learning.

Considering the above points, I would rate your answer a 3 out of 5. It addresses some aspects of the question and provides some arguments, but it could benefit from better organization, language use, and a more comprehensive discussion of the quality of instruction.


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