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TOEFL writing practice #11

Integrated Writing Task:

Reading Passage:

The Dangers of Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a major problem facing the planet today. Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans, harming marine life and contaminating the food chain. Plastic is also a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, as it is made from fossil fuels and requires significant energy to produce. In addition, plastic waste can persist in the environment for hundreds or even thousands of years, further contributing to the problem.

Listening Passage:

Narrator: Now listen to part of a lecture on the topic you just read about.

Professor: Plastic pollution is indeed a serious problem, but some proposed solutions may actually make the situation worse. For example, some people suggest that we should simply ban all plastic products, but this is not a practical solution. Many plastic products, such as medical equipment and car parts, have important uses that cannot easily be replaced with other materials. A complete ban on plastic would create economic hardship and possibly even harm public health.

Another proposed solution is to simply recycle more plastic. While recycling can certainly help to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment, it is not a perfect solution. Recycling still requires significant amounts of energy and resources, and some types of plastic are more difficult to recycle than others. In addition, recycling alone cannot solve the problem of plastic pollution, as many plastic products are single-use and cannot be recycled at all.

A more promising solution is to develop new materials and technologies that are more environmentally friendly than plastic. For example, some researchers are investigating biodegradable plastics that can break down in the environment over time. Others are exploring new manufacturing techniques that require less energy and produce less waste. While these approaches may require more initial investment and research, they offer the potential for long-term solutions to the problem of plastic pollution.

The question:

Summarize the key points in the reading passage and the lecture. Explain how the two are related and provide examples to support your response.

My answer:

The reading passage is write about general issues regarding plastic pollutions affect to our environment, such as plastic can harm our food chain ecosystem and the contribution to greenhouse gas emission that could be end up into global warming problem. Meanwhile, the professor in the lecture not only agreed about serious problem caused by plastic pollutions but also give solution examples that occur nowadays. 

First, some people suggest to ban plastic at all. The professor said this solution nearly impossible. Some industry such health industries are impossible to avoid plastics. In medical products and goods, plastics can't be easily replaced.

Second, recycling the plastics. The professor believe it is a solution, but not a permanent one. It require high effort to reuse or recycling plastics, that cause the solution would be expensive. Furthermore, she explain not all plastic products can be reuse or recycling, such as single-use plastics.

Third, the last example solution is developing new materials that can replace plastics on our daily life. Nowadays researchers have tried to find new materials that can be same with plastic as function, and more environmental friendly. This kind of new materials must be easy to produce, less energy to produce, and easy to decompose in open environment.

So, from the lecture we can infer that human now more aware about plastic pollutions, and people try their best to find the solutions. 

ChatGPT Assessment:

Overall, your response effectively summarizes the key points from both the reading and the lecture, providing examples to support your points. However, there are some areas for improvement in terms of grammar and clarity of expression.

Score: 25/30.


Independent Writing Task:

The Question:

Many people believe that technology is making our lives easier and more convenient, while others argue that it is actually making us more isolated and disconnected. Which view do you agree with, and why?

My answer:

Definitely I will say that technology make our life easier than ever. However I can't deny, in some cases, technology make us more isolated and disconnected.

Firstly, I couldn't imagine where we are going to be if the technology, especially communications, not as savvy as now. 10 to 15 years a go, we have to gone to the library to do research, for academic or for any reasons. But now, it can be done from our home, we just simply can searching the materials that we need trough internet. I believe, this progress is the main causal the vast development of our technology in all areas.

The next one, because of technology we can produce not only more quality products but also cheaper. This kind of products help people a lot. For example, the production of instant food. Instant foods really cheap at the most, and it is so reliable that can be distributed easily all over the world. The bad effect of instant foods may occurred, but the advantages are more dominant. Because of this, people around the world can stay together to fight starving issues in development countries.

Regarding the negative effects of technology that make us more isolated and disconnected, I think it just logic consequence of it. Not only technology, but also any vast development in human life, will cause glimpse of  negative effects. Let say taxation policy, in overall it good for any country, however perhaps that some people being suffered by this policy. So the thing is, not the technology that we have to change, but how we preparing ourselves to avoid negative effects. I believe the solutions must be from parents in houses, they must aware and have enough knowledge to use technology in wisdom, then teach it to their children.

So in conclusion, we have to support the vast development of technology, but don't forget to find a solution for the negative effects.

ChatGPT Assessment:

Overall, your answer is good and addresses both sides of the argument. However, there are some areas that could be improved.

Firstly, your introduction is brief and doesn't explicitly state your position on the issue. A clearer thesis statement would help guide your argument and give the reader a better idea of where you stand.

Secondly, while you provide some examples to support your argument, they are somewhat superficial and could benefit from more detail and analysis. For instance, you mention the advantages of instant food but don't explore the potential downsides, such as the impact on health and the environment.

Thirdly, while your conclusion is appropriate, it would be stronger if you could tie your ideas together more effectively and leave the reader with a clear takeaway message.

Overall, I would give your essay a score of 22 out of 30. Your ideas are well organized, and your writing is clear and coherent, but your argument could be more nuanced and supported with more detailed examples.

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