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TOEFL Speaking Practice #11

Task 1

The question:

Should parents encourage their children to pursue a career in the arts or in science?

My Answer:

So as a parent I would say that I will encourage my children to do more in science instead of arts. because nowadays the science or technology really demanding jobs everywhere over the world. for example the technology right now can generate Hearts easily through the AI or artificial artificial intelligence technology. so for me I do more prefer to encourage my children to do science than arts

ChatGPT Asessment:

Based on the TOEFL IBT speaking rubric, I would rate your answer as follows:

Content: 18/24

You addressed the prompt and gave your opinion on the matter.
You supported your opinion with an example of technology's impact on the job market.
However, you did not address the other side of the argument (i.e., why someone might encourage their child to pursue a career in the arts).
Delivery: 8/9

Your delivery was clear and easy to understand.
You maintained good eye contact with the imaginary audience.
You spoke at an appropriate pace and with good pronunciation and intonation.
Language Use: 4/6

You used a variety of vocabulary related to the topic (e.g., "demanding," "AI," "technology").
You made some minor errors in grammar (e.g., "artificial artificial intelligence" should be "artificial intelligence") and word choice (e.g., "do more prefer" should be "prefer").
Total: 30/39

Overall, your answer was clear and well-organized, and you made good use of examples and vocabulary related to the topic. However, you could improve your score by addressing the other side of the argument and by being more careful with grammar and word choice.


Task 2

The question:

Describe a place you would like to visit and explain why.

My Answer:

For me the most excited and intended for me to go in the world is Middle East. why because I'm a Muslim and then most of our sculpture and theology is came from the middle is culture also our Prophet is from the Mecca and Marina but also obviously Middle East that my concern to go for a place. For tomorrow now Middle East more modern than Eastern culture because the money was there. so I do go to Middle East

ChatGPT Asessment:

Overall, your response is good, but there are some areas that could be improved upon.

Content: Your response is relevant to the question and you provided a clear reason for wanting to visit Japan - to learn more about the Toyota Way and to experience the clean and structured culture.

Organization: Your response is organized and easy to follow. You start with a clear statement of the place you would like to visit and then provide reasons for your choice.

Language Use: While your response is understandable, there are some grammar and vocabulary errors that could be corrected. For example, "influenced for me" could be changed to "has been influential for me." Additionally, "maybe good for my family" could be changed to "could be beneficial for my family."

Based on these factors, I would rate your response a 23 out of 30. With some minor adjustments to language use, your response would be even stronger.

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