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Why I Am Writing this Post?

Push my self to practicing write English every day. that the answers.

In the last 6 months, I turn this blog into my dojo to learn English. Speaking and writing, speaking trough voice to text then I post the result on this blog, then writing by kind of posting this post.

So far away from perfect, but what if I didn't doing this in the first place? worst..

I totally understand nobody will read my blog, should I care? shouldn't!

But I know people who will read this blog in the future, first of course my self. This blog is just like my diary, sometimes I read it to evaluate my past life and what I became at the time.

Next is my family, perhaps after my death. Because I'll do the same, if my parents died, I will find a way to getting closer to them trough any kind of media. Unfortunately, they didn't do blogging, but I am.

So my sons, Samudra Dipa Negara, Tirta Huda Khalifah, Embun Latifa Maryam (still in the womb)... I you read this post, and I am still alive, please do call to me.. I dead already, please do pray for me. I love you All.

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