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Too Good To Be True

Simple manner to facing this live, for instance, things that you consume everyday in social media.
No matter, it is Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok...

Such a thing that people posted in their social media, what you see is not what really is.
I think, most of them that really heroic or astonishing story were TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Which means, if those were true happened, too good in your life. It couldn't happen to anybody.
or I can reserve it, those things are too good, perhaps not true happening.


There are no warranty in social media, that everything there was the real things. People can made it up. Anybody can made it up! even you!

If we don't go further to social media, you can see movies that seem to be true story, always disclaimed and wrote: BASED ON true story.

You can see? BASED ON, not EQUAL TO. Story that real happening in real life, still has to be touched up to make it commercial, to make it people love it.

This the fact that we are facing right now.

Consume your social media wisely.

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