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What Would you do if Capital Were Free?

What Would you do if Capital Were Free?

I've count already 3-4 posts of this blog using these words. Really, these words bother my mind a lot! Rarely I can answer this question in crystal clear way.

I read this sentence from book The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers – Ben Horowitz, if you are a business-person or entrepreneur, this book is mandatory!

Close this window, and try to answer that question by your own. If it easy for you, that means you good at business, if not, yet you have to learn a lot like me.

Of course, the most common answer of this question is by hiring people, this easy and correct answer. But, what kind of hiring that you need? how this new person can boost up your revenue? how this new person can reduce your cost? Deep analyses needed.

or.. If you can answer this question by planning to buy some CAPEX, let say machinery, that's really astonishing answers. really I mean it! Because, by that means, you already know exactly your productivity, that needs to scaling up. And so, means that your business is on growth way. Good job!

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