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Speaking Practice #8

Another attempt speech to text by reading Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson..

New finding, now I facing difficulties to pronounce symbols!

For example, when I pronounce "slash" it returns slash as words not "/"

then when I pronounce for name of city, it come easier than name of person. Maybe it only works for famous city. Not really sure.


Military Engineer

while still living in florence, Leonardo had sketch a few proposals for clever military devices. one was a mechanism for knocking down the letters of enemy Invaders trying to scale a castle wall. The defenders inside Whirlpool large levels connected to rods that talk through holes in the wall. his drawing includes enlarged detail showing how the rods would be attached to the lever plus lively sketches of four soldiers pulling robs and keeping an eye on the enemy. a related idea was for propeller dash light device that would slash away at those who made it to the top of the castle wall. gears and shafts turns blades, like those of a helicopter, that would swing just above the wall, dropping down unfortunately soldiers trying to climb over. for when it was time to be an offense, he designed a rolling armored seed machine that placed a covered bridge over the fortified walls of Castle.

the spread of printing presses help Leonardo pursue additional military ideas after he arrived in my Milan. he wore route some of his concepts from a book by the 13th century scientist Rodger beckon that had a list of ingenious weapons, including cards and wagons that could move without any more power, devices used to work on water and to move underneath the water, and contravenous capable of putting men in flight, having a person placed in the center of mechanical device with artificial wings. Leonardo and bleached on all of these idea. he also studied Roberto for two Rios on the military arts, a guys filled with woodcut of ingenious weapons. it was published in Latin in 1472 and in Italian in 1483, the year after Leonardo arrived in my land. he bought both versions, annotated them, and struggled to improve his rudimentary Latin by making list of the terms in the original book alongside their Italian translations.

photo Rios book become a springboard for Leonardo's creativity prayer for example factorials included a drawing of card with rotating skies that was Federal team; it will of the clunky card had only one small, and intimidating blade attached. with his free word imagination, Leonardo cake with the concept of multiple notches for a few times height Chariot and become one of his most famous and disconnecting piece of military engineering.

Leonardo's drawing of discs chariot, which he made soon after he moved to milan, feature truly frightening whirling blades dropping out from the wheels. it also has a four-bladed spinning shaft that can project in the front of the dragon behind the chariot, he meticulously drew the connection of the deers and the cogs to the shaft and wheels, creating artwork so beautiful so as to be during. the galloping horses and the riders with their billowing caves are dazzling studies of motion, well he's hatching strokes create shed and modeling water of a museum piece.

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