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Speaking Practice Part #2

Another English speaking practice using speech to text. Me reading some paragraphs on a book, then share it on this blog.

Still, I am not satisfied enough with the result, accuracy of my speech may be still about 80%

here the text:

legacy let me never falter

the success of Niagara falls Tesla said in his speech on electricity at a celebrity event for the plant was a signal for the utilization of water powers all over the world, and its influence upon industrial development is inculable. his esteem for resting houses heroic role only ripen with age. he later raised his partner as the only man on this club who could take my alternating current system under the circumstances then existing and win the battle against prejudice and money power. he was a pioneer of imposing station one of the world's true nobleman of whom America May well be proud and to whom humanity house on immense dad of credited.

for his part Westinghouse memorize Tesla in a most profound and sublime way. each of the Niagara falls generators bore a plate listing the patents that made the hydroelectronic achievement possible to Tesla belong the greatest glory and credit nine of the 13 patterns were his. instead of working to exploit the crush Tesla is Edison had attempted to do, resting house through his entire corporate way behind the scientific visionary. resting house with him full and fair value for his parents, hired him to consult at girls and ally, supplied him with equipment and personnel and figuratively promoted his name on innovation at the 1893 Columbian expo. the pursue of their individuals of interest yielded fruits for beyond adders imaginations.

Westinghouse 4 million of dollars into this evolved to bring Tesla innovation to market. he incured this risk and red and litigo's abuse of powerful enemies band on destroying them both.

during the war of karen's, business Titan JP Morgan saw the manipulate the stock market in a bit to wipe out missing house and grain control of the hydroelectric market. used his deeply in that house organ the New York times and other newspapers to bash Westinghouse for poor financial management. the middle of grievance were long standing. Morgan had black edison. after the financier ruthlessly strip Edison of his company and former general electric resting house was at the top of the head list. as part of her style they offered with the stretch through the 1890s Morgan and the demanded the resting house fork over control of the Tesla AC patterns and civilization the perfect partners royalty agreement from 1888.

with his back to the wall of the house we see the Tesla in 1897 to inform him of Morgan seem to start his company. resting house has four Wall Street and resisted tremendous of E4 to give in to Morgan Edison GN electric trust. he refused to coordinate with other chronic capitalists to raise his street light prices to pay brutal political payoff money to elder man and regulators. now, he's all bitsburg neighbor and purported France mostly Morgan man Henry freak had abandoned him. missing house was bleeding cash. does that agreed to tear up the royalty agreement and instead expected accepted alarm some payment of 216 00 in place of royalties for you that at estimated 12 million dollars.

it was an astounding act of magnanimity that provided invaluable financial relief and ultimately preserve the company.

Tesla asked if resting house would remain committed to bringing the AC polypaste system online.

I believe you probably pay system is the greatest discovery in field of electricity wasting house told him. he vote it was my efforts to make it available to the world that bought on the present difficulty. but I intend to continue, no matter what happens, with my original plans to put the country on alternating current basis. 

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