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Instagram Got Phished

Last week, my Instagram account was phished by scammer (?)..

Is it should be said as hacker? not sure

It all begin when my staff receiving chat on WhatsApp, the scammer pretended as customer, he asked about some of our products then send a link. My staff thought it was link for the picture of our product, so she clicked the link. The page was EXACTLY same with Instagram login page. Felt nothing strange, she key-in our logins to that page. voila!

Not take so long, after 10 minutes, all phone and computer that log on to our account was logged out immediately. Then we realized, the password was changed, the email was changed, and the phone number also changed! It took only 10 minutes, the scammer must be professional.

Me and team tried several methods to recover our account, by this far, our Instagram Account not recovered yet. So sad.

Me my self, followed all step by step to recover our account from Instagram Help. The most far solution from that was I succeed to reset the password of our account, but when I tried to login in, the app asked Security Key that sent to the scammer phone numbers. I tried this method 3 times, so exhausted.

Be careful my friend, such a case maybe haunting you. Brief carefully your admins and staffs!

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