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Do You Like Bon Jovi?

Who doesn't!

While writing this post, I listen to Bon Jovi - Livin on Prayer. This song, such a memorial song for me. I really like Bon Jovi, I was.. I was listening to them every single day of my life, that was several years a go.

For almost 3 years, I don't listen to the music intentionally, because of my faith said that music is forbidden. At the first, it didn't make any sense for me. How come, music that make my life happier considered as forbidden thing? But, on that time, I reflecting my self, my spiritual side of my life, then I though, OK, what is I take it for granted this ideas? why not? just try..

Then I felt improvement of my productivity. wow! Amazed me, really. I realized, that work with silent environment is better for me, for some people maybe by listening the music will boost their productivity, but not for me. that was the fact.

So, ever since, by default, I am not listening to the music. I got two benefits here, practicing my faith and boosting my productivity. Good, isn't it?

But.. even if my default daily life is not listening to the music. Still, when I come to the café or public area, when I un-intentionally listen to the Bon Jovi, I am definitely able to sing a song with, and I am still remember the lyrics word by word. Wow, this is the power of unconscious memory, perhaps. Not really sure.

What about you?

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