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Bye Instagram

For the last 2 months, I think, I moved my effort and resource to learn Tiktok and their shop (Tiktok Shop). As far as I analyzing the Tiktok, I saw completely different thing between Instagram with Tiktok, and between Tiktok with Shopee (famouse e-commerce platform in my country).

I could say. This is new era of online creator and online shopping.

By Instagram, Facebook, and the previous kind of social media platform, the platform doesn't appreciate well to the content creator. Except, Youtube! But for monetizing your Youtube channel, you need extra effort to get 1k subscribers and 4k watch hour. 

Now coming into our face, Tiktok! This platform really appreciating their content creator by gicing some incentives. Money and feature to selling something! That's great..

By Tiktok, the content creator can collect sticker during LIVE, then the sticker can be withdrawn as money. Wow such a solution. Just like Patreon or any other donation sites, but here start from social media!

By Tiktok, if you have fans, you able to sell your fans anything! haha. Before this era, the shoping experience will be done on another platform, but here on Tiktok, you can do it right-away. what a solution!

So for me, it is time to say goodbye to Instagram. Bye Instagram!

Moreover, in the past 2 weeks, my Instagram got phished and still don't get the solution from them.

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