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What is Scale Up?

Nowadays, when Startup business is everywhere.. Scale up is words that so familiar to us, but what I've seen, not all oh the Start Up enthusiast understand what scale up is...

So what is scale up?

In micro-economics, there is common phrase called economies of scale, which means that in what certain point of production when the cost growth is sloping low but the revenue is steep in growth. Or in the simple words, that when you push low effort of production but your revenue is higher than usual.

So, scale up is adopted from that economies of scale term.

In my words, scale up is when you reach economies of scale in fast fashion. How fast? I don't now.. it depends your industry. The technology industry, especially startup, expect reach this scale up maybe for less than 2 years.

Scaling up is not only happen on Start Up. Common businesses also could reach this phase..

Moreover, if a business can reach really a lot of people, let say 50% of a country, that business also can be categorized as scale up businesses.

Actually, there is no exact definition of scale up. These are my understanding about scale up, that I shared to you.. You completely eligible to disagree..


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