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TOEFL IBT Writing Answering Practice #6

Question 3: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 

People who work in public services, such as doctors, nurses and teachers, should earn more money than people who are paid to entertain, like actors and sports stars. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. 


I'm not agreed with that statement, I think how much money do people make is not correlated to weather they work on public services or not. For example, cleaning clerk who doesn't need special skill to do, of course it hardly to imagine that this kind of job has greater salary than (for instance) opera actors. That who want to be an actor, in opera, should learn something more difficult than cleaning clerk.

It doesn't mean that jobs that work in public services is always lower than entertain jobs. High experience doctors for example, I am really sure they get more money than common actors.

Think upside down, it is common we know that sports stars get really much oh money. Even if they don't depends to someone's life.. This is a business, the sports stars has so many fans that can generate money for the club, that's why it is fair enough they paid really high.

So we can't judge salary based on public services or entertain jobs. What the most important is, how that job can generate money.. Because money is the stream, if your jobs can generate more money, of course absolutely you can get more salary. That's my opinion.

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