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TOEFL is just a pinch of the journey

It has been 4 months I am struggling to learn TOEFL, several self-exercise has been done. The score is not much improve, at the first time I tried to take the self-test, I got score about 50%, but now I've got about 70%. Still so far that my target that 85%.

TOEFL is only a little stumble from my journey to study in US. After TOEFL, I have to facing GMAT, which is really difficult I think. Then I have to write essay or any requirements from the campus that I want to apply. After that, still I have to searching and do paper works to get scholarship.

See? long journey.

Let say, I got my LOA from the campus that I want, then I've got the scholarship, full I hope.. Still I have to prepare many things. My small business must be auto-pilot before I go, this is very difficult. I have to preparing my family to get used with American culture, not easy at all..

See? very long journey..

This post also in order to improve my writing skill, which is only a really tiny exercise before I go to US.


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