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Learn English Conversation for Indonesian

Recently, I am considering to find any apps just like Omegle to improve my English conversation skill. Unfortunately, Omegle is banned in my country, I am not able to access it.

Suddenly, Facebook Ads coming to my feed, showing many learn English course offering. Wow! thats good for Facebook Ads, I Google for English Conversation, then ads showing up on my Facebook. Is Facebook can access Google audience library? maybe.

The thing is, I found a course that just like English club. Register the course, then I can practicing conversation with antonymous, mostly Indonesian. I think it will be better then nothing, next level I will find English native to practicing with.

The most shocking thing was that the price! it is really cheap! They offer me only IDR 93k (around USD $7). That price for 30 times of meeting with full English! wow. it is so cheap! That is why, it wasn't take any long time for me to register immediately.

I thought it was the cheapest offer around there. After I registered for that class, I came back to my Facebook and found cheaper offer! only IDR 70k or about USD $4. Oh my god, it is really cheap.

But is fine, even if I didn't get the cheapest one, it doesn't really matter.

Now I am waiting for my first conversation meet (class)..

I you want to know what the class / vendor is, just put your comment below. 


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