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Speaking Practice TOEFL IBT

Last night, I've tried to practice speaking test of TOEFL trough that video. I thoung it should be easy to do, yes actually easier for me than reading section.. But.. at the end of the video, I listened to the answer example.. wow! the answer was so good, really nice, my answers just like a kids who start speaking compare to the example answers..

I need more "flight hours" to become such answers. Actually, in the past 6 weeks, I posted my speaking practice answers to my Youtube, but from now I cancel that segment. Because its disturb my subscribers from the niche they want, no good for my channel growth.

I've been thinking to use Omegle, but unfortunately it is banned on my country. What other alternatives English live video chat? I couldn't find easily for the free packs.. And never been search for the paid packs, it should be easier to find.

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