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TOEFL Practice Test Result History

In the last 3 months, I am studying TOEFL IBT. I'm not 100% focus on this preparation, I have businesses to run, I have 2 amazing sons... Yes, I am trying my best to blocking my time for learn TEOFL IBT test.

My plan is every Thursday I will doing practice test, either it Reading or Listening. Then every Wednesday, I will doing writing practice through this blog.. Then lastly, every Sunday, I planned to create 1 vlog on my Youtube using English.

The thing is, how good I am on improving my practice test? gently speaking, for 3 months I learn, only got 10% of increase score on average.

TOEFL IBT Practice Test Improvement
TOEFL IBT Practice Test Improvement

That's my score!

My target is reaching 104 of score, or 104/120 = 86%

I need more 10% improvement to reach that score, would it take another 3 months? I hope not!

Bismillah.. Wish me luck of my TOEFL IBT

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