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TOEFL iBT Practice: Writing #2

you can find full Writing Practice from official ETS:

TOEFL iBT Writing Practice Questions
TOEFL iBT Writing Practice Questions

Writing Practice Set 4 (Independent): Question
Directions: Read the question below. Give yourself 30 minutes to plan, write, and revise your
essay. Typically, an effective response will contain a minimum of 300 words.

Reading Time: 30 minutes

Question: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

A teacher’s ability to relate well with students is more important than excellent knowledge
of the subject being taught.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. 

my answer is down below:

I am totally agree with that. Doesn't matter how smart the teacher was, it doesn't matter how many degrees that the teacher hold, if the teacher unable deliver the materials well to the students, it is useless. I mean not useless at all, but it must be not effective

The key is how to deliver the materials well to the students, or in another words is how to commence good communication with the students. Teacher should know what on their students mind, teacher should know what is trending on their students talk, teacher should know how to talk warmly to their students. By doing that, the teacher being able to relate to the students, and it must be easier to do communication with the students.

Regarding the expertise of the teacher, it doesn't matter at much, as long as teacher can build good communication. Obviously, we know that soccer coach is not the most skillful person to play soccer right? We're all know that politician is not as smart as they talk, aren't we?

Even on the big corporate, there is a job-role called COACH. This coach main job is to talk to the employees, asking questions to the employees in order to increasing employees productivity. Was the coach is the most productive person on the company? of course not! it because the coach really know how to communicate, really know how to digging people potential.

So the conclusion conclusion to the statement above is, for me, I totally agreed that teacher's ability to relate well with students is more important than the teacher's expertise.

Moreover, on this context, is not bounded to only kindergarten students it think. Any kind of students on every age, how mature their were, it is still important for the teacher to being relate to them.

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