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So Many Meetings

In this "Zoom" era.. everyone is doing meeting. every time, everywhere..

Thanks for pandemic Covid-19, for led us to this era, to be more abusive on Internet.

No doubt, you must agreed that this "Zoom" era, made us more productive, more efficient, and more effective on doing our job. But... there are some issues regarding this.. What I am still not get used to it yet, SO MANY MEETINGS..

Meeting there. Meeting here. Talking A, Talking B.. so many.. it is exhausted, for me. After all, it was not really easy to cancel or to refuse joining those meetings. Yes we are more effective to use online meeting, no need to commute, we can meet to anyone on the other side of the world and so on.. But, maybe, now we are more "lusting" on doing meetings, even for small jobs, small coordination, people start a meeting.. it is exhausted, for me.

So many meetings, cost me little time to doing my job. I am still do many stuff by myself, actually most of them are very simple daily job, but it's a lot of job. A meeting can took my time at least 15 minutes to 2 hours for the most. If it ran for 2 hours, I have to re-arrange all my schedule on that day.

I think this issue was not just for me, I read articles on HBR that talk about this. They call it, meeting-loop or Zoom-loop, I don't really remember.

Because of this, I am not disgraced for the internet. For sure, I am really thanks for the internet and the technology for our time. The question are, how can I manage my own schedule?, how can I am still able to play with my kids with this Zoom-loop? How can I be more productive on these tight schedule?

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