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Less Sleep then Doing Excercise?

Last night, I slept only for 2-3 hours. It because of UEFA Champions League Final was held last night. I'm living in Indonesia, so the kick off was started at 02:00 AM on local time. can you imagine that?

I had work on the day, then wait till pass midnight to watch that big match event. Obviously, my sleep time was reduce to 2-3 hours only. In a normal day, total my sleep is about 5-7 hours a day.

Furthermore, in the morning I have Futsal schedule on 08 AM. Have you ever heard futsal? imagine soccer that doing on indoor pitch and only 5 by 5 team.

Is it good for my health? lack of sleep then doing exercise? I am not really sure about that.

Now I am sitting on café around futsal pitch, writing this blog post. I feel fine, I don't feel so exhausted, instead I feel so energetic. is it good signs? don't know.

It were rarely happen on my life, (of course the final is only happen once a year) usually I maintain really discipline of my sleep time. I need enough sleep to rely my productivity for my work, to get rid of my stress and pressure.

As a business-person, and an owner of small company of 30+ employees, pressures were my daily routine. I can't imagine if I don't do exercise regularly. 

After all, I feel fine. Doing exercise while slept for 2-3 hours is no problem was concluded for this post.

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