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Review Buku: No Rules Rules - Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

Tadinya buku ini ga ada di antrian buku saya...

Tapi karena sering denger, dan ternyata lagi diskon di Kindle, langsnug saya beli deh hehe.. Harganya cuma $1-an ketika saya beli. Ini versi digital ya, saya bacanya pakai device Kindle.

Review Buku: No Rules Rules - Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention
Review Buku: No Rules Rules - Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

Setelah selesai baca bukunya, kurang lebih 9 hari, hasilnya... lumayan lah. jelas ga nyesel. tapi ga merasa buku ini bagus banget. Mungkin karena saya udah baca buku Winning - Jack Welch, buku tentang Amazon, Good to Great, dan buku lainnya.. jadinya banyak materi2 yang sama. dan saya udah tau.

Buku ini ditulis oleh 2 orang hebat, CEO & Founder-nya Netflix: Reed Hastings. Dan penulis buku hebat Prof. Erin Meyer

Inti dari buku ini

Intinya, buku ini nyeritain tentang kultur perusahaan di Netflix. Cukup terstruktur digambarkan, dan sangat clear menurut saya. Jadi, kultur kerja di Netflix itu keterbukaan yang tinggi (candor) dan keputusan yang cepat. Syarat utama kultur itu bisa dibentuk adalah high talent density, alias karyawan harus terdiri dari best-of-the-best.

Jadi kalau karyawan anda ga sebagus Netflix, kultur seperti itu akan sangat sulit diterapkan. Termasuk saya, penggiat UMKM. Syarat utama mau nyari best-of-the-best talent ya harus punya uang yang cukup untuk ngegajiya, rasanya berat diterapkan untuk level UMKM.

Buku ini cocok untuk siapa?

  • Startup founder, mau yang udah kecil kek atau udah gede
  • Manajemen level di perusahaan, khususnya perusahaan dengan semangat "muda". kalau BUMN atau kolot, rasanya percuma baca buku ini
  • yang udah biasa baca buku tentang Silicon Valley atau udah sering Googling tentang Silicon Valley

Catatan Pribadi

berikut catatan pribadi saya tentang buku ini, cuma copas2 doang. Suatu saat mungkin saya butuh untuk dibaca lagi, dan siapa tau bermanfaat buat anda

  • If you build and organization made up of high performers, you can eliminate most controls. The denser the talent, the greater the freedom you can offer.
  • It wasn't just our employees who were happier. I'd wake up in the morning and couldn't wait to get to the office.
  • Not just candid feedback but also frequent feedback
  • if there is one thing we hate more than receiving criticism one-on-one, it is to receive that negative feedback in front of others.
  • 92 percent agreed with the comment, "Negative feedback, if delivered appropriately, improves performance"
  • The higher you get in an organization, the less feedback you receive, and the more likely you are to "come to work naked" or make another error that's obvious to everyone but you.
  • the cost of jerkiness to effective teamwork is too high
  • need to fire them and fire them loudly, so other understand the ramifications.
  • instead of increasing employee controls as we grew, could we increase employee freedom?
  • If we wanted employees to make good decisions for themselves they would have to understand as much about what was going on in the business as those at the top.
  • I could hire ten to twenty-five average engineers or I could hire one "rock-star" and pay significantly more that what I'd pay the others, if necessary
  • the offer of a higher bonus led to poorer performance.
  • Well, if she'd tell me that, she'd tell me anything/ Your trust in me skyrockets. There is no better way to build trust quickly than to shine a light directly on would-be secret. Before continuing his discussion, we need a better term than would-be secret. The problem with the word secret is that once you tell someone, it's not secret anymore.
  • I don't want my employees to feel like they're working for Netflix, I want them feel like they are part of Netflix
  • Good company culture is just like sport teams, not family. When someone is underperform, she doesn't contribute for the team, she must go
  • Spinning the truth is one of the most common ways leaders erode trust.
  • why you paid top of the market to get her:
    • us Sheila a stunning employee?
    • Do you believe she has good judgment?
    • Do you think she has the ability to make a positive impact?
    • Is she good enough to be on your team>
  • But a high-talent-density work environment is not family.
  • Family is not good metaphor for a high-talent-density workforce.
  • The keeper test
    • if a person on your team were to quit tomorrow, would you try to change their mind? or would you accept their resignation, perhaps with a little relief? if the latter, you should give them a severance package now, and look for a star, someone you would fight to keep
  • Each time we le go of someone, we offer several months' salary (from four months for an individual contributor to nine months for a vice president)
  • Candor is like going to the dentist. Even if you encourage everyone to brush daily, some won't do it.
  • you bozo! don't prioritize error prevention over flexibility

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