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Review Buku: This Is Marketing - Seth Godin

Buku sebelumnya tentang marketing yang The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, saya kurang puas. soalnya ga relevan banget sama kondisi sekarang.

Review buku This Is Marketing karangan Seth Godin
Review buku This Is Marketing karangan Seth Godin

jadinya saya cari2 buku lagi yang dibuat 2010 ke atas. ketemulah buku ini This Is Marketing (You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See) dikarang oleh Seth Godin. Buku ini terbitan taun 2018, jumlah halamannya 280an, saya baca full pakai Kindle saya. Harga e-booknya saya beli di ±$11 USD.

Secara umum, buku ini lumayan bagus. Menurut saya ga bagus bagus amat. Bahasa Inggrisnya agak susah dicerna. Beberapa section saya "skip" karena ga ngerti, vocab saya belum nyampe. he he..

Buku ini banyak banget sub-bab sub-bab nya.. karena saya ga begitu faham, jadi bingung apakah antara sub-bab 1 dan yang lainnya berkaitan? 1 sub-bab kebanyakan hanya 2-3 paragraf saja..

Meski banyak sub-bab yang saya ga ngerti, tapi sekalinya nemu sub-bab yang ngerti, terbayang banget. Vivid banget. Cukup lugas dibahas, dan sangat bisa dipraktekkan. Bahkan ngebahas teknis tentang Google Ads, tentang Facebook Ads, yang merupakan makanan saya sehari hari.

yang saya tangkep, inti buku adalah jangan berusaha memarketingkan produk kita ke semua orang, cukup ke segmen kecil saja (disebut minimum viable audience). Pastikan segmen kecil itu jadi audience loyal kita, maka tinggal tunggu waktu aja semua orang jadi tau tentang produk kita.

Buku ini meng-akur-kan konsep The Long Tail, Funelling, dan Flywheel. keren... modern.

Buku ini cocok untuk siapa?

  • pebisnis yang udah mulai bisnisnya setidaknya 6 bulan
  • advertiser yang sudah biasa pakai Google Ads / Facebook Ads setidaknya 6 bulan
  • yang sudah punya produk
  • staff marketing suatu perusahaan
  • Startup founder
  • C-level perusahaan kecil maupun besar
untuk yang baru mau mulai bisnis, saya rasa buku ini kurang cocok, karena akan banyak hal2 yang belum kebayang, dan malah bikin takut untuk mulai bisnis. nanti jadi ga mulai mulai deh bisnisnya. he he


ini beberapa catatan pribadi saya tentang buku ini:

  • Marketing is the act of making change happen. Making is insufficient, You haven't made an impact until you've changed someone.
  • Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem.
  • Customer of 1 inch drill bit, doesn't want the drill bit, but she want the 1 inch hole.
  • What's the minimum number of people you would need to influence to make it worth the effort?
  • Make it easy to spread. If every member brings in one more member, within a few years, you'll have more members than you can count.
  • It turn out that the right formula is to make a dog food that dog owners want to buy. Dog's owners never know the taste of dog's food.
  • Here are the key elements of the dead's marketing success:
    • they appealed to relatively tiny audience and focused all their energy on them.
    • They didn't use radio to spread their ideas to the masses. Instead, they relied on fans to share the word, hand to hand, by encouraging them to tape their shows.
    • Instead of hoping to encourage a large number of people to support them a little, they relied on a small number of true fans who supported them a lot.
  • Apple's ad team only need a million people to care. And so they sent a signal to them, and ignored everyone else.
  • If you want to build a marketing asset, you need to invest in connection and other nontransferable properties. If people care, you've got a brand.
  • Since advertising is faster, cheaper, and more measurable than ever before, why isn't this the focus of all our marketing? Why isn't this the beginning and end of the discussion? because online advertising is also the most ignored advertising ever created.
  • People seeking to make change happen are often in a hurry, and advertising feels like a shortcut. But without persistence and focus, the investment is wasted
  • If you're buying brand marketing ads, be patient. Refuse to measure. Engage with the culture. Focus, by all means, but mostly, be consistent and patient. If you can't afford to be consistent and patient, don't pay for brand marketing ads.
  • If you're buying direct marketing ads, measure everything. Compute how much it costs you to earn attention, to get a click, to turn that attention into an order. Direct marketing is action marketing, and if you're not able to measure it, it doesn't count.
  • The most important lesson i can share about brand marketing is this: you definitely, certainly, and surely don't have enough time and money to build a brand for everyone. You can't. Don't try. Be specific. Be very specific. And then, with this knowledge, overdo your brand marketing. Every slice of every interaction ought to reflect the whole. Every time we see any of you, we ought to be able to make a smart guess about all of you.
  • Pricing is a marketing tool, not simply a way to get money. marketing changes your pricing, pricing changes your marketing.
  • Low price is the last refuge of a marketer who has run out of generous ideas.
  • people who would miss you if you were gone (?)
  • The alternative is to intentionally create a product or service that people decide is worth talking about.
  • The goal isn't to maximize your social media numbers. The goal is to be known to the smallest viable audience
  • We hear about outliers, the kids who make millions of dollars a year with their YouTube channel or the fashionista with millions of followers. But becoming outliers isn't a strategy. It's a wish!

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