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Hi blog

 Hi blog, it has been a while.

Now I am thinking about start to write again, I think it has been 3 months since my last post. One of the main reason is, exposure to English! I done listening to English podcast everyday, still counting and not get so far to proficiency in English. Then I think, why not I start to write again? why not!? Adducted to ChatGPT these days make me so lazy to start to write.

Actually, I don't see a good prospect to become a good writer, like I wrote above, ChatGPT is always get it done better. However, If I start to write like this for only 15 minutes, why not? it is effortless, and I believe there must be a good impact for me in the future. Whatever it is.

I don't expect for traffic, but improve my English and creativity. Unless I write it originally and just let it flow, nothing would improve.

Write for today, smile for future.

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