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TOEFL IBT Speaking Practice #109


Task #1 - 1

The question:

Explain whether you think zoos are beneficial or harmful to animals and society.

My Answer:

I would say zoos are very beneficial for animals and also for our society as well.  since if we convert conservation the animals in the zoos we could observe what they have it are so we can preserve how to connect with animals on the wild area.  for tomorrow we could also educate our children to know some animals or in the future maybe they will have an intention and interest to do such a thing to animals for our greater future and greater environment


Task #1 - 2

The question:

Some people prefer to work at home, while others prefer to work in an office. Which do you find more productive and why?

My Answer:

I would say working at home it's much more productive rather than work in an office.  the most reason behind my stance is because if we are commute into the office for example my own office is about 2 hours from my house so it could be takes so long time for me to get in office that's not really productive I already get tired before I get into our task.  but however I do encourage people to do work in office or maybe once a week to do something work and coordinating each other


Task #1 - 3

The question:

Describe the benefits and drawbacks of using wind energy.

My Answer:

As we know that renewable energy is really demanding on the time right now.  on this case the wind energy I have to say the most benefit of wind energy is really clean it doesn't produce any residual materials. But however on the other hand I have to mention that using with energy of course have some drawbacks I want to highlight the drawback of the alpha liability of the wind itself.  it is coming for many engineers and companies of wind energy it's really difficult to find sustainability when flown in some areas


Task #1 - 4

The question:

Do you agree or disagree with the statement: ""Government should invest more in the arts""? Why?

My Answer:

In my own perspective I don't see that government should invest more in the Arts since ours is something that should be ready with it in it so it has to be not regulate by government it should be a fluidly on the society and community so I think government should not invest more in the art.  But I suggest the community and Society should invest more in the Arts not on capital or the infrastructure but on the our children and our kids to stimulate them to love arts and creativity


Task #1 - 5

The question:

Discuss the effects of deforestation on the environment and wildlife.

My Answer:

Deforestation on the environment and wildlife of course would give severe bad impact.  since Verizon are as we know our shelter for many wild animals and plants and absolutely from that wild animals we could discover some medicine and some beneficial things from the forest.  so if we are doing the police station for some kind of reason it should be we tally it with some kind of research to make our sustainability of  our environment and Wildlife


please rate each of my answer.. based on TOEFL iBT rubrics in scale out of 10 for each these rubrics: - Speaking Rate (count my words then divide by 100 is the score) - Delivery - Language Use - Topic Development - Vocabulary Depth


Certainly! I will evaluate each of your answers based on the TOEFL iBT rubrics for the categories: Speaking Rate, Delivery, Language Use, Topic Development, and Vocabulary Depth. I'll provide a score out of 10 for each category. Please note that the speaking rate criterion based on "words divided by 100" is not an official TOEFL scoring method; however, I will adhere to your instructions for consistency.

### Task #1 - 1

**Speaking Rate**: 65 words / 100 = 0.65 (Out of 10: 6.5)

**Delivery**: Clear but lacks smooth transitions and flow (7/10)

**Language Use**: Some grammatical errors and awkward phrasing (6/10)

**Topic Development**: Covers some reasons but lacks depth and specifics (6/10)

**Vocabulary Depth**: Limited vocabulary and range of expression (5/10)

### Task #1 - 2

**Speaking Rate**: 79 words / 100 = 0.79 (Out of 10: 7.9)

**Delivery**: Generally understandable, but could be more concise (7/10)

**Language Use**: Several grammatical mistakes, but the message is clear (6/10)

**Topic Development**: Addresses the topic but could be more comprehensive (7/10)

**Vocabulary Depth**: Fair vocabulary but lacks complexity (6/10)

### Task #1 - 3

**Speaking Rate**: 79 words / 100 = 0.79 (Out of 10: 7.9)

**Delivery**: Fairly clear but lacks cohesive flow (6/10)

**Language Use**: Grammar errors and unclear phrases present (5/10)

**Topic Development**: Addresses both sides but lacks detailed support (6/10)

**Vocabulary Depth**: Limited complexity in vocabulary (5/10)

### Task #1 - 4

**Speaking Rate**: 87 words / 100 = 0.87 (Out of 10: 8.7)

**Delivery**: Clear but lacks smooth transitions (6/10)

**Language Use**: Grammar errors and awkward phrasing (5/10)

**Topic Development**: Addresses the question but lacks depth (6/10)

**Vocabulary Depth**: Limited range of expression (5/10)

### Task #1 - 5

**Speaking Rate**: 78 words / 100 = 0.78 (Out of 10: 7.8)

**Delivery**: Mostly clear but could be improved for better flow (7/10)

**Language Use**: Some grammar issues and awkward phrasing (6/10)

**Topic Development**: Addresses environmental and wildlife aspects but lacks depth (7/10)

**Vocabulary Depth**: Satisfactory but lacks complexity (6/10)

Overall, your answers generally address the questions but could benefit from more depth, smoother transitions, and better grammar.

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